Do you think you’re hot? Or maybe, you look like a slut? Are you prim and proper and it´s eveyone else who is showing way too much? In any case you have a profile picture, somewhere, don’t you? And you made sure you looked good? Perhaps you checked regularly for new likes and comments of validation the next few hours? Days? Weeks?

Today almost everyone has an online identity. Especially the amount of online self-portraits has exploded within the social media scene. The Internet has given us the opportunity to have the whole wide world as our audience, and these new technologies let us give and get feedback on anything. Feedback we are eager to have because we all seek affirmation.

Moreover, these profiles are often a polished version of ourselves. The truth is, whether it’s through funny tweets or the new cool profile picture on Facebook, we are all ”posing” on some level. You are too.

But is there a consensus on what’s fair and what’s too much? What’s tasteful and what’s tacky? If asked to judge, will everyone agree on these definitions? And who are you to judge?

Labeliscious is an interactive installation that explores how we interpret and label girls.

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